book2net Profi A2+ Book Scanner


The book2netProfi A2 Book scanner is one of the most successful and versatile A2 book scanners. It impresses with its extraordinary Unmatched image quality and flexibly and precise productivity.

Committed to quality:

Thanks to its automated conservational book cradle, the book2net Profi A2 can handle fragile historical books, modern books, magazines, documents, files, or bounded materials – a wide variety of items. It guarantees a gentle treatment of the original and enables a simple scanning process.


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book2net Profi A2 True Color Management

Color is accurate directly from the book2net Profi A2 camera, where the color management is unique. It is possible to generate precise color scans according to the color spaces SRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, ECI RGB V1, and ECI RGB V2 and thus quickly meet all digitization guidelines, specifications and standards. The great advantage of True Color is actual color uses the benefit of all calculations and adjustments in-house Imaging area of the camera with a color depth and analysis depth of 48 bits. Colors are captured even more precisely, and signal noise is minimized.

book2net Profi A2 HD Camera

The X71 not only sets new standards in the field of modern digital cameras but is also the heart of our scanners. Our CMOS sensor technology is the critical element of the system and enables high-resolution capturing of archive materials, books, cards, seals, and objects of various sizes and structures. The X71 camera is characterized by the first-class image quality, flexible handling, and incredible scanning speed.

L.E.D Lighting Unit 

Professional UV / IR and ozone-free lighting system. The highest conservation and ecological requirements are met with less than 2,500 lux light exposure and service life of over 50,000 operating hours. The Fresnel lenses specially developed for the book2net lighting units are a significant technological advantage over classic lighting. They ensure perfect lighting distribution and illumination. Unwanted, annoying gradients and reflection effects otherwise affect very light or dark surfaces.


Two Operating Modes:

  1. FLASH: The lamps light up slightly for the scan and then reduce their intensity immediately after the scan. A room heating up, often annoying with permanent light, is avoided while the service life of the light units is extended considerably.
  2. CONTINUOUS LIGHT: On request, it’s possible to work with a higher “lamp bias,” whereby the “brightening effect,” if perceived as annoying, is omitted.

book2net Profi A2+Technical Data

High-Performance area sensor

Schneider Precision Lens

Color Depth:
48-bit color, 24-bit color, 16-bit color, 8-bit grey, 1-bit B/W

300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpi

Scanning Time:
0.3 Seconds for A2 Color at 400 dpi

Dept of Field:

Processing Time:
2.2 sec. (Scanning + Imaging +Storage)

Intuitive professional software with advanced functionalities for job management, imaging, and post-processing

Cold light LED technology with integrated
Light Control System (LCS)

sRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, eciRGB V1/V2, Wide Gamut, ProPhoto, and according to ICC standard

PC Interface:
USB 3.0

File Format:
TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PDF-A, Multipage PDF and Multipage TIFF


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